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Help (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I start?

If you simply want to read through a manuscript look at our Manuscripts page and choose one to begin. If you know of a particular Antiphon, Respond or Prayer Incipit and want to check where in the CURSUS edited manuscripts (and CAO) it is used, then you might find our Incipits list of use.

Can I read your copy of the Vulgate?

Although this copy of the Vulgate was encoded in XML only to be used internally to provide the readings for our manuscript editions, you may indeed read our copy of the Vulgate.

Can I download CURSUS files for my own use?

Yes, if you want to download the files, the latest versions are always available in our Downloads section. You are allowed to use them for non-commercial personal research. If you plan to make substantial (or commercial) use of them, please contact us first at:

How do I search the files?

You use our very basic Search form. You may search antiphons, responds, prayers, the edited manuscripts, or our copy of the vulgate. Wildcards of '*' for any text and '?' for any single missing character are able to be used.

Where can I find out more? or Why is my question not here?

If the web pages do not give you enough information, get in touch at and we will be happy to tell you more about the project. If you have any questions you think should be here, feel free to send those as well.