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CURSUS Manuscript Editions

Editions of the liturgical manuscripts edited by the CURSUS project. Not all of these are complete, and more editions will be forthcoming. The three letter sigil used in the critical editions of antiphons, responds, and prayers is shown in parentheses following the manuscript name. (e.g. Cht = Chertsey)

The Chertsey Breviary - The Chertsey Breviary (Cht). Oxford, Bodleian Library Mss lat. liturg. e6, e37, e39 and d42.
The Ely Breviary-Missal - The Ely Breviary-Missal (Ely). Cambridge, University Library Ms Ii.4.20.
The Evesham Breviary - The Evesham Breviary (Evm). Oxford, Bodleian Library Ms Barlow 41.
The Gloucester Diurnal - The Gloucester Diurnal (Glo). Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Jesus College 10.
The Hyde Breviary - The Hyde Breviary (Hyd). Oxford, Bodleian Library Ms Rawl.liturg. e.1*.
The Peterborough Antiphoner - The Peterborough Antiphoner (Pet). Cambridge, Magdalene College Ms F.4.10.
The Winchcombe Breviary-Missal - The Winchcombe Breviary-Missal (Wcb). Valenciennes, Bibl.Mun. Ms 116.
The Worcester Antiphoner - The Worcester Antiphoner (Wor). Worcester Cathedral Library Ms F. 160.

CURSUS Repository of Antiphons, Responds and Prayers

This section contains allows you to access both the critical editions and individual readings for most CAO Antiphons and Responds, as well as those that appear in the (sections of) manuscripts edited by CURSUS.

- If you know the CURSUS ID number of an antiphon respond or prayer you may enter it here to view a critical edition. (antiphon and respond ID numbers start with the letter 'c', prayers with the letter 'o') If you don't know the ID number of an antiphon, respond or prayer you are interested in, you should look in the incipit list or find the item in the manuscript editions.
ID number:

CURSUS Incipit List

An incipit list of all antiphons, responds and prayers found in the CURSUS repository is available. This is divided by these three categories, and then alphabetically by first letter (or lacuna). One incipit is provided for each antiphon, respond and prayer, with additional ones for any variant readings within the first 10 words.

CURSUS Incipit List - Click for access to CURSUS incipits of antiphons, responds and prayers organised alphabetically by first letter.